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Fancy a fling with the professor?
heather marks
You've all had the fantasy. Why not make it come true?

Genuine, nice, fit, and sexy uni lecturer would love to host a student at his flat any afternoon or evening. Can be a mature student too. And remember, learning is a two-way street, and spending some intimate time together will no doubt teach us both lots.

Whatever subject you're reading, you may want to give it a go. You're only a student for short while; now is the time to experiment, to try things on; to find what you like and enjoy it.

We can meet for a drink, or a chat, lunch . . whenever (but soon), wherever. . and see if there's chemistry.

I'm tall, fit, brown hair and eyes; educated, cultured, considerate, caring, experienced, and very passionate.

Just send a quick reply WITH a pic, and we'll be on our way.

I look forward to university.

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I wandered over from AMA after our discussion. This posting made me laugh out loud.

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