Eating McDonald's Ice Cream Cone on a Hoveround at WalMart
heather marks
You were driving a hoveround down the bread aisle at WalMart eating a 50 cent McDonald's ice cream cone. I shot you a furtive glance, but you didn't notice, you were really, REALLY into that ice cream cone. 

I've never been jealous of ice cream before, but as I watched your tongue circling the frosty tip, I couldn't help but wonder what it must be like, to be ice cream in your mouth. Let's just say you were the only one with soft serve at that moment.

I wanted to say hello, but I was too shy, and your hoveround was moving so fast. You were wearing a hot pink T-shirt and tight jean shorts. I was dressed more humbly, but could live in your fancy outfit world, or at least try. 

When I first saw you, I somehow forgot how to breathe because you truly are breathtaking, and not because of your odor, probably. You passed so quickly, with my heart melting faster then the ice cream dribbling down your luscious chins. I couldn't tell what was whiter, the vanilla ice cream, or your skin, but both glistened beautifully with moisture. Last night, as I lay alone in bed, I dreamt of that moment when you passed. My head was filled with the beep, beep sound of you backing up into my life. Or was it the beeping sound of hearts in synch? 

I doubt you'll ever see this, but I have to hope. I know the hoveround could barely fit you, but maybe, just maybe, there could be room for two? Send me a reply. Tell me where your mole is located so that I know it's you. 


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